It’s great to travel with friends and family or join a group trip for a favourite pastime such as diving or skiing, but sometimes you just can’t find the holiday that you want or you’d prefer to simply go it alone. I remember my first solo trip as if it was yesterday! Coming out of an unexpected divorce, there was no way I was prepared to lose the deposit already paid on a trip of a lifetime to Borneo, so I decided to go alone. There were some moments of sheer panic. Instances of sadness at being in such a fabulous place on my own. But so many more fantastic and rewarding experiences which gave me the confidence to continue my solo travels and to really embrace the freedom and enjoyment that it brings.

Here are my top tips for the female solo traveller

  • Chose your destination and accommodation carefully

Things to consider  – do you want to be alone on a honeymoon island surrounded by loved up couples? Do you want to be in a resort or do you prefer to be in a hotel? Is AirBnB an option? I think it’s horses for courses – I’ve tried them all and have had great experiences  in each situation – even on a honeymoon island in the Maldives – I became pally with the water sports team and had the best week diving, snorkelling and sailing while everyone else was otherwise occupied!

  •  Travel out of season

Weather patterns are changing and even if you find yourself landing in the middle of the rainy season,  often the showers are intense but short-lived. You get a much better rate on single occupancy and if you are only a few in a resort or hotel you will get that extra bit of special attention. I was once the only person staying in an amazing wildlife lodge in the wildernesses of Borneo. At first I panicked but once I relaxed I had the most amazing time – private wildlife safaris every day and dinner every night with the lovely lodge owner.

  • Have someone meet you at the airport on arrival

Personally I always like to have someone meet me when I arrive at the airport. It’s a bit of a security blanket – I’m sure others are more adventurous with local transport – but when you’re tired and feeling unsure of local currency and/or language I find it helps me to relax and feel more comfortable in my new surroundings.

  • Eating out can be tricky – if dinner is too much do the long lunch

I love a long lunch! It may not always be appropriate or possible but in some situations, if dinner out alone is difficult to enjoy, then the answer may be to have a leisurely, late lunch. And often you can get some great lunch time deals so you end up trying all the local food at the best price!

  • Dress and act appropriately

Not much more to add here. Always respect the dress codes and customs as well as local opinions on females drinking alone. Be aware of your surroundings, stay safe and don’t break the law!

  • Be brave. Trust your gut instincts. If it feels uncomfortable, leave. And don’t be afraid to say no.

There’s no doubt that in many places the solo female traveller is a bit of a novelty. The first time I went solo almost every local woman I met asked my why I didn’t have a husband. In other places you can attract unwanted male attention. I still laugh at my day trip with 80-year-old Charlie whose boat I hired for a sail around the Croatian islands. It started with him taking me to the only nudist beach in the vicinity and ended with him stripping naked and jumping over board for a swim! He was completely harmless and I still dine out on that story, but I think if that were to happen to me now I would handle it a bit differently.

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