Work With Me

I’d love to work with you and we can do it in one of three ways.

Getting started on your own solo adventure

You’re thinking of planning your first solo trip. You know that you want that feeling of freedom and independence, to create your own memories, and to travel in the way that you want.  You may be feeling apprehensive, scared even? You may have some ideas on where you want to go but are not sure of the best way to go about it. TripAdvisor? Online communities? Magazine articles? Before feeling confident enough to pick up the phone and speak with a travel agent – who most likely hasn’t been on a solo trip him or herself and can only book you into locations that they sell –  or drown in the overwhelming amount of options and information on the internet, wouldn’t it be great if you could talk it all through with someone who’s been there and knows all about the many things to consider and are especially particular to us ladies over 50 who like a bit of style?

If this is you then contact me for a personal conversation to help you get out of overwhelm and get started on your own personal solo adventure. Everything you need to help you take the first leap into solo travel, including:-

  • Discussing ideas and options for where would suit you best based on your personal preferences and profile
  • Planning detailed solo itineraries based on my personal knowledge and solo travel experiences
  • General advice on how to get started, resources to use, motivation, overcoming your fears, help to take the first leap into solo travel
  • Advice on where/how to book, solo groups, best travel agencies and online booking options

Hourly sessions available  – £50/hour  – book now.

Travel Writer and Consultant

Women over 50 are leading the boom in solo travel with single, divorced and widowed women feeling more empowered, confident and financially independent than ever before. The next trend will be for more ‘independent’ solo travellers – those who might want the security and peace of mind of booking with a tour operator but would prefer not to travel with a group – which is mainly how I travel. If you are a travel company looking to attract this growing audience then I can work with you on how best to do that. As a freelance travel writer, I also contribute content to other luxury and travel publications. Drop me an email and we can chat about how we can work together.

Public Speaking

I’ve had some amazing, exhilarating, hilarious and scary experiences during my past ten years of solo travel – not all of them planned!  I love to speak about my adventures and share them with groups of any size.  Please do get in touch if you are looking for an amusing, inspirational and entertaining speaker. Take a look at my Speaker Profile for more information on my signature presentations and speaking style.