Speaker Profile

Deborah lives and breathes travel and is the voice of the over 50 solo female who loves to travel independently.  She came to solo travel later in life after an unexpected divorce left her holding 2 tickets for a trip of a lifetime to Borneo. Being a feisty northerner she thought, sod it, she wasn’t going to lose the deposit, she would go alone. That first solo trip had many highs and plenty of lows but turned out to be one of the most inspirational and fabulous adventures of Deborah’s life and she’s been travelling solo, in her own independent style, ever since.

Deborah started Solo In Style, a community for the over 50 solo female traveller, where she blogs about her adventures and shares her personal experiences and tips with the hope of inspiring and encouraging other ‘mature’ ladies to be confident to choose the style of travel that they really want and to start their own solo travel adventures.

A guest writer and blogger, she is in demand for interviews and commentary on the recent boom in the over 50 solo female travel market. As a knowledgeable, humorous and entertaining speaker, Deborah’s inspirational presentations will enhance any program or event.

Three Most Popular Signature Presentations

Room For One

A humorous look at the many highs and occasional lows of travelling solo as a 50 something female. From having a ‘Shining’ moment as the only guest in a resort in the middle of the jungles of Borneo to being invited to get up close and personal with Mantas in the Maldives, and plenty of adventures in between, Deborah will have you laughing out loud at her stories and will leave you wondering why you ever thought it might be boring to travel solo.

Does My Bumbag Look Big In This?

Deborah shares her personal journey and what motivated her to begin her solo travel adventures. Always with a sense of humour and an open approach to sharing her story, Deborah will amuse, entertain and hopefully inspire you to get travelling solo yourself.

Secrets to Overcoming Your Solo Travel Fear 

You love the idea of solo travel but just don’t know where to start.  You have a list of places that you’re dying to see but no one’s free to go with you. Don’t let your fear of travelling solo stop you from going alone. This fun yet practical session walks the audience through the best way to plan a solo trip and the particular things to pay attention to as an over 50 female.


To discuss your particular requirements and to book Deborah to speak at your event please send an email to deborah@deborahives.com