5 reasons to travel out of season

It’s not always possible to be flexible with your travel dates, but if you have the chance to choose, you might want to consider travelling out of season.  I first tried it a couple of years ago and as a solo traveller, I’ve been hooked ever since. Here’s why:-

  1. Better deals on flights  –  often more seat availability, cheaper prices and a better chance to use frequent flyer miles if that’s an option.
  2. Quieter hotels can mean that you avoid the dreaded single occupancy surcharge or you find yourself upgraded to a deluxe room in quieter hotels.
  3. No queues at popular tourist spots and you get to see the sights and enjoy them in peace and tranquillity.
  4. Guides, hotel & restaurant staff, and locals all have more time to spend with you as they are not as busy, so quite often you will receive a totally personal service or get some of those prized insider tips from locals who have more time to chat.
  5. Weather patterns are changing and the seasons becoming more blurred.  The weather is always a bit of a risk with any trip and can be unseasonably good as well as unseasonably bad! With some obvious exceptions, travelling out of season can often offer some of the most pleasant and comfortable temperatures.