Ever felt like you’re stuck in a revolving door?

In life we can often feel as though we’re trapped in a revolving door. Where you could once keep moving, something happens and you’re stuck, unable to go either forward or back, trapped. Ever experienced this? If not, and you’re wondering how it feels, then let me enlighten you. I’m not talking metaphorically here, I’m speaking literally. Yes, trapped in a revolving door, of a bank, with alarm bells rings and security guards shouting at you in Portuguese, not able to understand a word, and unable to move forward or back. It’s actually quite scary, in fact very scary, but once freed from my glass prison and escorted from the premises, it caused much hilarity among my team mates. Seems that I had tried to enter via the wrong door, unable to read the signs, and that had triggered the major alert.

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Startups & Social Enterprises

After ten days or so of being a tourist, it’s time to work. I have come to Rio to volunteer as a Social Impact Consultant with _SocialStarters, a startup company set up to match volunteer career breakers like myself with talented social entrepreneurs in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and the Philippines: six weeks working alongside creative and cultural youth and community projects, providing business mentoring and transferring business skills, while also enjoying the fun and cultural experience of being in a new city. Perfect – travel with a purpose!

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Rio – Cidade Maravilhosa

The last few days have been completely crazy. I have moved from the sanctity of my lovely hotel in the more genteel area of Santa Teresa and into a shared flat situated slap bang in the middle of ‘party central’ in Copacabana. Now I’m beginning to feeling like a true Carioca; one however, who doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese and still finds it hard not to gawp when looking up and seeing Christ the Redeemer  staring back.

I have one last day of being solo and a tourist, before my flat mates arrive and we being our volunteer programme, so I so decide to spend time in the areas of  Jardin Botanico and Leblon. Read more