Talking Travel

Meet Janet Mactavish, a passionate solo traveller who’s now using her knowledge and experience to design luxury personalised travel services for her clients. Here she tells us a little about how she got started, why she always packs a door wedge and why we should all think about a certain poem. Read on to find out why.

Tell us a little about yourself and your mission?

At the grand age of 23, I jacked in my job in the City (London) and moved to Bahrain to become a flight attendant with Gulf Air. The plan (as I told my then boyfriend), was to go for 6 months but, I loved the experience, the freedom, and the lifestyle so much that I stayed, for 12 years! From Bahrain, I moved to Saudi Arabia and worked for a Saudi family on their Private Jet, which was an incredible experience and I met some interesting people, including Hassan Bin Laden. Sadly though, it did not end well and I ran away in the middle of the night… a story for another day I think!

I am now a Private Travel Designer and the owner of Travel Magellan, which I set up in early 2012 to provide a truly personalised travel service.

Why are you passionate about this?

I feel that there are few people out there who care as much about your holiday as you do, so one aim was to change that. Also, something that drives me mad, is being passed around an office to speak to different people because the person you spoke to the first time is not in/on holiday/gone on maternity leave/sick leave.

Tell us about your solo travel adventures and how you got started travelling solo.

Because of the nature of my work, I was single for a long time and decided that if I did not do things on my own, I would never do anything.

What do you like about solo travel? Dislike? Read more